His Existence Part II

17 Jul

It’s been quite some time since I’d promised or at least claimed to write a second part to the previous post about my faceless dream guy. There’s been a lot of changes to my lifestyle between February and now. Honestly, those 6 months is plenty time to change gears, to walk on a different path. And this faceless man in my dreams has also changed.

I’m already at that point where he doesn’t matter as much anymore. He will be who ever he is meant to be and I don’t wish to worry about it as much anymore. But here is a little more of who he was to me and how I saw him.


He smiled with pearly white teeth and soft eyes. There’s no particular color because in the dream every thing was black and white. He was black and white in every thing. His actions were just that simple. And you would just know that he was genuinely kind. Deeply carved into his fiber is kindness without limitation. He didn’t have a particularly large forehead, but he was bigger than I was. He towered over me who is only 5’1″. His hair, I know from memory, was soft and easily carried by the wind. I just knew. He was careful and restrained, as to not scare me.

I’ve forgotten a lot of little details as time has done very little for my memory. I don’t exactly remember what he wore. Maybe a flannel shirt, sleeves rolled up to his elbows, maybe plaid and maybe it was paired with jeans. Maybe he wore a sweater or a jacket because it was always winter in my eyes.  I just know he was comfortable sitting with me on my bricked front porch that didn’t have a proper furniture. We sat on the stairs and talked about things I don’t remember and never quite recalled. He sat straight up and looked at me while we talked. They were jeans. I know for sure. His forearms were never covered and I could see the veins on them. I could feel his heart beat through his wrists. I saw the nape of his neck.

Maybe he wasn’t handsome, but his actions made him handsome and frankly, that’s enough reason to go looking for a guy like him.



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