The Blank Shots

15 Mar

The sequence of the dream became hazy the moment something repeated itself and the moment I realized that it did. So, I’ll begin from a disconnected part of my dream in the hopes that it may find its place.

I was dreaming of close friend who I haven’t seen in over a month, my best friends. We were catching up, recalling memories that happened only in past dreams. I dreamed that one of them had a crush of Draco Malfoy. It was absurd, but not really as I have been reading a lot of memes about him. I dreamed about her empty fridge and how her room was not her room, but we all recognized it as if it were. I dreamed about a friend I hadn’t seen in years and how I felt mad at him, so mad I could feel my real feelings seeping through my dreamscape.

Then something happened and I was running after someone, something. I was chasing him/ her down because she had something that belonged to me. As we were running, the actress Maggie Smith popped out wearing a hot pink dress. I remembered because it was such a juxtaposition. Anyway, she had a fear of dirt and she ended up in an alley where I and the others were cornering the girl. She looked devastated, but my attention returns to the girl. She runs and so I run after her, but I stop at a shelf of stuff, tried to reach for something and then asdfghjkl I time warped!!! (I think it’s important to know there were four of us, me, my past self, and the boy and girl couple. She was a b*.) And then I ended up in a place with another me fighting? it off with a couple and then we time warp again.

Apparently, that was what I had been looking for. The thing the couple used to travel time destroyed the field they landed on, but people were ready for them and there was a man who watched suspiciously and I didn’t know what to make of it. Like he had been waiting for a phenomenon, saw one yet couldn’t believe what he had seen. Then I become some sort of head person, and the people around me are relient of me. I am brought up in the air to look at the damage by a person I had seen before. I am familiar with him and he with me. I am nervous as we go around because I have a feeling someone will attack and I hear the sound of crunching, biting of an apple.

We go down and decide to take the chopper instead. The chopper is a car that transforms into a chopper, so we, the guy and I, get on and another girl so that he can drive out with protection. I’m confident while holding a gun. I recognize the driver as Sebastian of Reign, Torrance Coombs. It was weird because it wasn’t him at first. Anyway, we drive off, but then the apple eating becomes vivid and the guy eating appears. He tries to shoot or intimidate us and I know he’s evil so I shoot at him and so does the other girl with us, but it always misses even at point black. Friends arrive on the scene attacking other people who was apparently there. Someone gets shot and we worry about him. Apparently, I save him.

It bothered me a lot that none of my shots met with its target and it made no sense.

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