The Senseless and Tasteless Party

16 Mar

It’s when I dream, that I begin to worry about what might happen in my life.

This time, I dreamed about something strange, so vivid and so detailed just the same as before that I don’t know if I’ll be able to relay with preciseness. It’s a shame really when there’s so many details I want to talk about, but the thing is just that. There’s too many details. So, here are the main things:

It was a birthday party for all those coming of a certain age- for girls.
An aunt I’m not really friendly with comes to visit.
We hurry to get dress. She is playing outside with people.
My siblings and I try to be civil in every way possible.
We eat lunch but I have a difficult time finishing my food- I don’t find it appealing.
My brother is mia after the arrival of our aunt.
The party consist of people from my mother’s side of the family living in the province of the Philippines.
A friend of mine arrives, but she has the face of someone I hadn’t seen for a long time. We are quite close in the dream. I have memories of a close friendship.
Another girl, someone my sisters and I are close to is a celebrant. She is nervous and we help her out. She is young. Faceless. Curly hair. Spanish decent. Kind of like Raini Rodriguez, the actress.
Party ends. It’s time to clean up. I go into the house from the start of the dream (I’ve been there before, but it’s a lot brighter than the last I remember). I’m fixing left overs and begin to use my laptop before I am told that we are closing the house soon as if it were just a vacation home. Again, I felt the familiarity of the house, and it’s strange brightness.
I rush out with my dad and eldest sister.

Important details:
My eldest sister and I are usually calling for each other.
We were seated in pues during the party.
Kids watching were being really disrespectful and I got annoyed.
I had my red glasses not my black ones.
We had food, but there was no taste to any of them.
My laptop in the dream is detachable.
I felt weary most of the time.
The house is a recurring setting, but brighter not at all scary.

Important details that I did before I slept:
I watched an anime with my brother about gamers getting sucked into the game and locked in there.
The food they ate was tasteless for a good amount of time.
In the anime, the main character had a non-guild called: Debauchery Tea Party.
I was playing a facebook game about castles and merchants.
I daydreamed about a life I might want if I were to live in a convent (yeah).
I thought about falling in love.
I thought about going back home to the Philippines for some time.

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