magic is innate

26 Jul

It’s a little strange dreaming of the mansion that always has magic connected to it. It’s the same mansion with the feeling of air, of freedom and magic. Other dreams only felt magical, yet this midday dreaming was filled with both good and evil magic that’s in actual not just in feel.

It began with the feeling of trying to escape from something sinister. I don’t remember if it was me that was escaping, but I know I wasn’t just running, I was a ball of light seeking something- someone and flying through the sky. I flew and flew racing through time, racing to win against the evil being. I flew until I reached the mansion from the past and reached a group of three girls looking afraid as the lights flicker to a close.

I transform from a ball of light to a little white bird to comfort them. The dark ball arrives and takes the first aggressive move. To defend them, I stretch my wings and turn into a bigger bird, but the black ball is persistent and to end it quickly, I transform into a human being.

Coincidentally enough, I turn into Nicole Kidman from her Practical Magic film. She tells them, because it’s no longer in first person, that one day, they too will become as powerful as her and that’s why they were being targeted. She told them things that made them happy and smile.

Next thing I knew after they hugged, I was me. I was heading home into that same mansion, spent a good half a day in the house and saw my brother coming home. Tried to trick him and surprise him. He asks about our dad, who was actually out in the backyard bbqing with supposed friends but were strangers to the reality me. I see three girls looking my way and my dream ends as I re-enter the mansion.

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