I am old man

06 Aug

There have been consecutive days where I’ve dreamed, but couldn’t quite remember them after waking up. I’d like to think that it’s because I haven’t been eating and sleeping well.

I think, I’ve dreamed about competitions and saving the world multiple times during the many forgettable dreams. Today as well, I had a dream about having super powers- not me per se, but the characters in my dreams.

Super speed, super jump? Anyway, there were these two kids who got into trouble and had to run away and they had shoes that let them do that. As they ran away, they passed by their sister who was genuinely concerned for them. What surprised me is that the POV through out the whole thing is constantly jumping, meaning my consciousness is moving from one character to another. So, first I was the brother, then the older sister, then I was an old man… yes…

Anyway, during their escape, they end up in this really old and broken down warehouse type where I, being the brother, sees one of the bodies of the chasers lying on the ground knocked out or dead. I hurry in fear that we might get caught. So, we end up in front of closed door. I knock and my older sister greets me and pulls us in.

After a while of hiding it out, someone outside knocks on the door. They happen to be people we know. I think at that time, characters multiply and honestly I’m not even sure how to properly write that scene down.

One of us ends up buying an expensive ticket that lets us go into an expensive dinner party in which we use to get in… why? I’m not too sure.

Anyway, we’re just near the exit of this warehouse when all these random people come and my sister makes an excuse about us being with the strange people and they might have been cops. Not sure.

We end up in this really big mall-like place that I’ve been to in my other dreams before. It’s a real maze here. The stairs go on forever or end abruptly. I often get lost here. It also doubles as a hotel because often when I dream about it, I’m in search for my room.

Which is also the case this time.

After arriving at the dinner party, most of us are sent away because we shouldn’t be there anyway. On our way back, we meet some blonde lady looking like our older sister, and tells us that she is Aunt Jess/ Jessie from the future… okay… so we buy it and walk away after she tells us to keep our eyes open and we cautious at all times.

We get to the lobby where two of our other “friends” arrive in disguise” for I don’t even know. But they have some trouble for a little while with their dresses but get themselves together afterwards. Another one comes in with a yellow dress that the staff compliment to be some kind of really rich and rare design.

One of the friends say they have no idea what it is and for some reason, I feel that it is giving us away? and so I step up and agree with the staff about the dress- and actually knowing stuff about the dress surprised my consciousness.

Afterwards, I headed to the stairs where I tried desperately to hide my heritage, I’m not sure why. Anyway, I try to head over to my room and go up some stairs, but as I do someone tells me to wait up for them since they’ll be going up too. But I don’t. I attempt to go up and up. And lo-and-behold, I have a hard time.

1. I have the fear of heights
2. the stairs are all steep and crazy as shit
3. for some reason, in my head’s head, the bottom of the stairs I came from is a hollow well full of darkness.

It was really strange.

I get back down after I consciously decide that at the bottom is a floor and also from help from the guy earlier.

I’ve turned to an old man by the end of this all which is the strangest of them all.

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