the not so happily ever afters

17 Aug

In the land so close to the coast, you could see the waves crash against the sandy beaches from the terraces of the mansion where tea parties are frequently held. But today was not a day for celebration. Thieves from the bordering country have found their way in and threaten the peace they have gotten used to.

Panicked, the guardian, you, rushes across the land of sandy beads with a message of caution for the mansion.

You run past the garden of greens with sister and mother right behind and take the transportation most often used. It is packed and refuse to go after only a mile.

A man sat beside you, his wife across. They are not so well informed and you tell them to brace themselves though you are not so keen to the familiarity they then demonstrate. People start to disappear and you don’t wonder as much as you wonder about the unmoving vehicle.

You are transported back to the sandy ground, now turned hills of dirt. Little boys are running around and you recognize one of them. You give them warnings that they take lightly though they turn towards the mansion, most likely thinking of refuge.

You run, leaving your sister and mother to another home and you no sooner arrive at the mansion where you are met with the caretaker. She tells you she cannot leave the child even if it meant risking all their safety, so you volunteer to take her in. The female child is after all your niece and everyone’s safety lies in your decisions.

Micah is the name of the child. She runs as soon as she is given the chance, not to be a trouble child, but the simple opening of freedom excites the young babe.

You are taken by surprise and a rush of adrenaline pushes you to chase after.

Upon retrieving the little girl, you are immediately met with someone who reprimands you. You are offended and verbally defend yourself. She knows nothing compared to you and she knows that as much as you.

You return Micah to the mansion and calmly tell her that she many not to that again.

For some reason, you are confident that the home is one of the safest places there is and you leave her there to help defend the tea party which has already been set and people you did and didn’t know are already gathered at.

Someone looks at you familiarly. You smile and say, take these candles, they will provide protection. Light them for that is how they work.

Another extends a helping hand and begins to round the party with candles in hand.

You do the same. You are met with people you have never seen yet are quite familiar. You continue to give the tables candles of all shapes and sizes, making sure that they are lit and taken care of. There is no room for mistake and you are unwilling to be the one at fault by the end of it all. So you round the perimeter more than twice and tackle the center once.

All the while, the lighter you were using to light the candles was lent to you by a woman you knew only in a book you read not too long ago. Yet she exists as much as you, heart and soul so real and warm.

The same person from before meets your gaze and tells you, one candle refuses to be lit. You wonder where the lighter is. You look around and she catches your frantic looks.

Here, she calls out and tosses you the shiny silver gear-filled lighter. It was beautiful and cool to the touch.

You have difficulty sparking the lighter and hand it over to the third person. He has difficulty as well.

Worried for your safety, they push you towards a table, but you too are troubled for them and insist they find protection though only the third is whisked away into another table.

Your eyes widden as the things you feared arrive and begin to roam through the aisles of the tables, frightening guests and residents alike. They are opaquely white and eyes hollow like ghosts of cartoons, but they are as sinister as the ghouls of the past.

The incident ends though not many of you can recall. You are all inside the palace after a much deserved rest.

You are not awake when a girl runs through the dining hall, bleeding. She collapses to the floor, her beautiful red hair falling on her face as she does. She is desperate to get out of there, regret and shame washing over her every being. She is pregnant and unwilling to give birth. She cries in agony from physical and emotional pain.

A man arrives clad in prince-like garments. He catches her leaving and wonders why such a beauty was now on the run.

She tells him; she is pregnant with a man’s child, a man she did not love. She tells him that she fears that she must marry that man now despite the lack of love. She tells him that she has yet to fall in love.

He offers it to her, love that is.

She refuses for love is not so easily found.

The scenes change and you are still not awake.

The two are walking in what seems to be the aftermath of the attack. Water flowed freely within the garden of greens and created a new lake in the center where pillars have fallen to the ground. They stand on shallow watery ground and discuss things that have come to pass.

She is no longer pregnant.

“Can you walk on water?” She wonders.

He turns to her, “why yes.”

He demonstrates to her that he was indeed walking on water now.

“No, I mean there,” she gestures towards the deeper end.

He is curious for a moment about the possibility, but lets her take his hand. It seems some impossibilities were possible as long as he was with her.

Read on for dream meanings!

The meaning behind the dream.
I underwent some researching for this particular dream because of some changes in my life.
What I did find is the meaning of houses and mermaids in dreams (also water). The first focuses on my state as a person. Dreaming of a house indicates me as a person and the inside are representations of my mental state- basically at least. The only thing I ever saw in this dream is the front room, but since I’ve seen the house/ mansion before, I’ll tackle this meaning another time.

On to mermaids.
“There are two ways in which mermaids symbolize transformation. The first is in their own transformation from human to fish. Out of the water they look like the rest of us, in the water their legs are magically transformed into a tail, their skin transformed into scales. The other reason mermaids are associated with death is that their songs were said to lure sailors to their doom.

Either way, death in a dream rarely means physical death, but is a symbol of transformation. You have to kill of parts of yourself in order to let other parts be born, this is just the way of life. Mermaids may indicate that you are going through a major transition—most likely that transition is very emotional for you.

Either way, when a mermaid shows up in your dream, it’s not something you can easily forget. Pay attention to what she’s telling you and you can learn a lot about what’s going on in your subconscious.”

Isn’t it a curious thing that I dreamt of a familiar mermaid? Though she never says it outright, the pregnant girl is actually Ariel from The Little Mermaid- or at least her features.

She was in a human form in her pursuit of true love. That was her form when “you” first see her.

The moment I was sure myself that she was Ariel was the last scene of the dream as she walks on water. It’s more so the feeling than anything else.


Water was probably the most important here. The lack of water near the coast and the submerged part of the garden of green where Ariel walks on are huge symbolisms.

I found that a black colored water- which was what they were walking on, means destruction or family problems. A bad omen I suppose. But the ability to walk on the water means the rise above turmoil and having innate and immovable trust on in God’s will.

So, I suppose, the unfornate events in my life, in my family will bear fortune in the end…

(come back again soon as I’ll be posting a dream I had before this!!)

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