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29 Oct

I took a really long nap today because I think I was just totally beaten down by life from the past few days. I took a break from life and honestly, the sleep did not feel all to relaxing. I had plenty of dreams, but because I haven’t been very diligent in writing them down, I forget. Well this time at least I remembered bits and pieces of my dream.

I decided to wake up because I started dreaming about my parents. Lately, I’ve been dreaming about people I actually know with inserts of people that I haven’t met and maybe will meet later on in my life. Hopefully.

So, I’m just going to go ahead and tackle the meanings. As for my case, I suppose, I won’t be talking much about the dream. It’s not a dream I’d like to remember. I always get into an argument with them even with the little things… Well, moving forward.

As a rule of thumb, dreams of parents are already assigned. Dreaming of a father refers more to authority and structure while dreaming of a mother is nurture and love. So, for me, in my dream, I dreamed of both parents. ” A dream of your mother signifies happiness in love or personal affairs, and a dream of your father forecasts progress in business, professional or career matters.” ( Neither of my parents are dead, but if you have had a dream of a dead parent, it’s best to remember what they told you because it’s important. It may pertain to aspects of your life or anyone else in you family. Heed the warnings of the dead, they say.

You may want to consider, dreaming of your father, being that he represents authority, that you may also connect him to choice/ decision making. Maybe you are worried about something that you recently made a decision on. Maybe you believe it to be wrong. If you’re worried about something, chances are this is what dreaming of him meant for you. Maybe it’s not a wrong decision but you didn’t like making it. For more about dreaming of a father:

And dreaming of your mother can also about choice/ decision making, but she pertains more to intution. Where as with your father, you weren’t sure, with your mother you are more aware. To read more:

Just be sure to analyze how they act towards you and what you felt during the time spent with them in the dream. It’s important that you can decipher whether or not they are “friend or foe” because that can change a message quickly.

Another interpretation of dreaming of parents is not for yourself, but that there is actually worry and concern for them instead. But you can still apply the rule of thumb here. Are you worried that your father is failing somewhere? Are you concerned that there is something awry between your parents? Loss of love or care? Or Financial disability?

Since I don’t have a deceased parent, I didn’t really touch on it myself, but the links embedded within the entry does refer to it. I hope that you find your answer, as I found mine. 🙂

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