The Monsters of My Dream

08 Nov

Here’s a strange one for you.

Giving you a little background of my life, I’ve been having some friend problems lately that have occupied my thoughts 24/7. Pretty much, I’ve been in a state of depression due to that problem and the thing is, my friends and I have no idea what’s really going on. Anyway, I’ve also been stressing- thinking about school, not so much stress. I actually feel at peace with the current decisions I’ve been making with my school life only because I feel that it’s my life and I go by my pace.

Anyway, the dream occurred in an island-like place, tropical tall trees and foliage growing in radical places. In the dream, I was a guy, around the same age as I would be in my real life. I along with strangers were trapped and had no idea how to get out. We walked a few miles, probably before we found a path that lead us to a perpendicular road. Moments later, a red, black and white ominous train-thing appeared with a man already standing outside asking us if we’d like to board. The man is strangely familiar, but not, though we do meet eye to eye for a long time. Me being suspicious of the guy, decide I’d rather take my chances in the wilderness. This decision was further influenced by others who find a sort of village just over a slanted cliff, one we could slide on to get to the bottom.

So, half of us go and half stay.

Long story short, while I look around the village, the people who had been helping us were starting to look suspicious and more like zombies than humans. And when I realized that, all the people of the village turned into zombies and started to feast. I let the people I warn device a plan in which we hi-jack one of the cars, with me as the driver and for everyone to sneak in. The plan doesn’t work out as well because the zombies have fire power and they shoot it at us. They also close the gate that I didn’t notice before. We get into real trouble when the gate closes because I’m driving practically a crate of people. We crash and I die just as I kill the zombie guarding the gate. I know I die only from feeling. When I come to life again, I don’t realize it until moments later that the world has lost the zombies and other humans- Then a few seconds later after prying out a piece of metal from the gate, I realize again that something is strange. I am unbelievably strong and that I was actually moving at maximum speed that everything is actually a blur. I slow down to confirm and sure enough, the zombies are still after us. So, I speed up again to free us from the place but when I get on the vehicle, I have to slow down because the others wouldn’t survive my speed. A guy who fell off from the earlier collision shouts out to me for help and with my ability as a vampire… yes a vampire, I save him. We cross the river, but three transparent beings follow us with the intention of killing us, but because of my smell, they don’t come near us.

Yes, that was the long story short.

I apologize now, I won’t be focusing much on anything else other than the monsters in my dream.
Dreams of monsters with the ability to drain us can represent someone in our life that is pretty much doing the same thing. They suck away our energy, keeping us at bay and holds us, almost like prisoners. The fact that seeing others getting turned means also that there might be a person or people in our lives that are currently detached from everyone else, physically and emotionally.

It also means that we literally have monsters, obstacles, that we must overcome though not necessarily battle.

The other man, who I presume as a vampire, is a physical representation of fear and him being a vampire also means of seduction. But fear looked me in the eye and I turned away… which means that I am not tempted in anyway.

To dream of escaping or running away from these monsters indicate pretty much the opposite of fighting it which means that rather than wanting to forcibly separate those around us, we don’t want the option of being permanently separate. It means that a momentary distance is fine.

Dreaming of ourselves as vampires is a warning to let our passions sway our logic. Though it is good to act from the heart, it is also much wiser to think before acting. And the killing of the monster, zombie in this case, is a representation of rejecting the idea of separation. So, I would say, in this case, having killed the monster before turning, that I had acted with passion and that from here on out, I should be more cautious. Dreaming of yourself as a vampire can also mean, that you yourself are the cause of drained energy.

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