30 Nov

Dreams can be really scary.
Last night I had a series of nightmares but only remember one. This in particular involved tons of bugs and my family.

In the house that I currently live in with my four siblings and two parents, I am awoken by something that I hear outside of my room. As I step out, I find myself surrounded by an intricately weaved web with many relatively huge spiders residing in them. I panic from fear of being caught in one of the webs, but by the time I come to from the fear, I am already in the middle of it all. So, as to save myself, I back away towards my parents room, calling out for my mom as I went. Sadly, I don’t come in contact with her as I fall to my butt after having been in contact with a couple weaved webs. My adrenaline rushes and I jump to my feet, rush for refuge in the comfort of my room and I hide.

As I hid there, I also waited. Suddenly, my brother comes barging in. He is slightly out of breath and in a panic of his own.

Before I knew it, a large golden centepede, female, came knocking in. She was persistent. And when ever she attempted to get to my brother, she would knock a piece of the wooden door, breaking it down little by little.
He was afraid of course and so was I as I sat on the carpet thinking of ways to kill the disgusting abomination. I look to the fan, thinking, maybe it would be strong enough to kill it.

I am awoken back to reality for a moment as the sun penetrates through the blinds.
At my return, the centepede has broken through, blind as a bat but certainly able to see my brother where he stood. She wanted both of us, but I tell her, as to save myself, that I was also blind. She lets me go and I pretend perfectly that I am blind.

I rush to my older sister’s room in the attempt to get her help, but mostly because I didn’t know what to do. I lock the door behind me, scared. I had no plan and I was feeling guilty for having left my younger brother to fend for his own, not at all having realized my eldest sister was in the same room the entire time.

I find out that my older sister has a problem of her own.

Another female bug or figure is keeping an eye on her. She tells me that the female is obsessed with love and that she wants to get rid of it. So, I help her out. We make a plan to which leads to the death of the female love bug and the female centepede.

But as soon as we think the fight is over, a gigantic spider comes stomping out at us.

It was so huge that I had to imagine as I dreamt because I knew I was in a dream.

In the end, we aren’t able to kill the spider and force it out of the house instead.

Out of nowhere, the spider turns into my eldest sister and she is sad to go because she says that living outside is tough and that she didn’t want to live there again.

A whole conversation happens and other things happen. By the end of my dream, my brother is hugging me while everyone is walking around and I am being suffocated, my side constrained and no one around to help. I try to tell him that I can’t breathe but he seems to be in his own little world. When my mom passes by, she too can’t see me suffocating.
In the end, he lets me go as I am only left with a small amount of air left and I am forced to wake up as I have church to go to.

Dreams of bugs depend heavily on who you are as a person. For me, I fear bugs and therefore, it bodes to me as bad luck or as a bad omen.

So, for this one, I advise you to read on your own and discover what it means for you if you’ve ever had a dream filled with bugs.

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