Oh, Brother and Swapping Genders

01 Dec

Again, I dream.

I don’t have a lot to say, so it’ll just feel like a summary. Maybe, later today, I will edit with some possible meanings.

A lot of the first dream involved exploring a setting from a different dream(s) I’ve had before. It’s a store/ place where you can attempt to live in and also live off by.

In this particular dream, I’m there for a field trip and my brother gives me a stack/ a whole deck of Yu Gi Oh cards to which for some reason, I give away. Later on, while serendipily meeting up with a very close friend, I realize and regret giving away something that I wasn’t even sure was mine. This thought plagued me for a while.

Upon waking up around 6:30, I realize that it was all a dream therefore, I never once knew that I was dreaming then.

When I return to sleep, I dream of a kingdom where I am a girl playing the princess. Things happen that I’m not too sure, but we create a show for the people where we, the king and I, are painting a door together. We perform, dance, while painting and after we finish, we go through the door only to come out as the opposite sex- not as each other.

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