06 Feb

I haven’t dreamed so vividly in such a long time and am glad for the rest, but it was also nice to remember my dream again.

This morning, I woke up wanting to keep sleeping.

I was in a setting where I’d been before in other dreams. It was in a market, a mansion, in the Philippines, and feeling at home and safe.

Currently, I am sick, down with the flu- most likely as it has dictated over my life for the past week. I even lost my voice. So there’s that. Not so strangely enough, dream mimicked reality.

In my dream, I had a cough, just a simple one, but I didn’t have a voice or if I did, I didn’t say much. I knew I was in a dream the moment I entered it. I’ll try to be as chronological as possible by listing the events.

1. It was Valentines Day
2. I was first outside trying to get in. I was late or something and before leaving to go in- yes leaving to go in- I talked with a neighbor about something she baked. It’s good to note that before I went to sleep, I was writing chapter two of my book Bleu Clair Belle. (I will give out a link later.)
3. When I enter, I enter the market where I have ran and been chased multiple times before and have ran out of certain things that I needed. Though, this time, I was simply basking in the feel of the place.
4. At some point I meet up with friends and family in the mansion where I find out that the top floor is being renovated. I see two construction men and they see me.
5. Upon my return to the main room downstairs, I see plenty of children. A little boy in particular knew me quite well. I announce that I’ll be going to the store next door- to buy what, I wasn’t too sure myself, but before I leave, certain things happen that is a little blurry as I try to recall it now. But the place starts to look like my old home.
6. I leave with a few people and buy snacks.
7. Upon my return, the place has changed into something like the garage from my old house- dim lighting and full of boxes. But it also looks like one of the classrooms from another dream filled with art supply.
8. I start to clean up and a friend helps out.
9. Moments later, I decide to get away, get fresh air. So, I tell them I’m going out to buy candy. I even at some point tell them that I’ll be buying at 10:34. Pretty specific. And since I leave during when the sun is still out, I assume it was 10:34 AM.
10. When I leave, I forget the front door, on the top floor is off limits. When I get there, the two men see me and I see them with their family. They have settled into the home. I feel a little strange seeing them there.

And this is where my dream becomes more lucid.
I turn back around, swinging my bag as I do. I am met with a person I’d seen throughout the dream but never paid attention to. He looks at me, ready to go up, but I stop him, redirecting him towards the back door. Before he smiles and says something along the lines of “alright”, he first plays around pretending not to know what I was talking about, waiting for me to push him forward, stuff of the sort. And we walk outside together quietly. When we walk out, we are met by a strange zoo-like scene. Monkey to the left, scary ape to the right, animal in the front and strangely enough, a monkey walking around with a stroller. It was a strange scene. He tries to convince me to just cross without thinking a lot, but I am too scared. He shows me how it easy it is by running out and back in through the side with the ape. So, I do the same on the side with the monkeys because the ape is just scary, like Planet of the Apes scary.

And we continue to walk for a long time over a river that ran across the land, through busy lots and shortcuts. Pretty much, this moment felt very realistic to the point that I forgot I was dreaming until we walk into a market and he turns to me.

*Everything I say at this point is in a whisper because I lost my voice.*
“Aren’t you shopping at 10:34?”
I look to him and laugh, “I just said that to get out of the place.”
He laughs and we continue to walk until we reach a point.
I stop him, “I don’t like this place. I think, I’ll go back.”
He nods, a little confused. What he doesn’t know is that the place was too sunny for my taste and I didn’t feel comfortable walking around in such a sunny place. I nod and walk back.
On my way back, I encounter a few strange things: a friend’s two older brothers each carrying a bouquet of roses, a girl who looked familiar who looked at me with a raised brow, me carrying one of the bouquets for a friend and change in scenery from great scenery to school-like atmosphere. And when I arrive back in the mansion, in the previous room I was in before, my friends greet me. I am hesitating whether or not to give my friend the flowers. My friend makes the first move by showing me a gift she intended to give me before.

The gift was a make up bag with typical girly stuff- idk what they were. lol But that’s where my dream ends.

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