25 Feb

The candles distributed around the whole house provided the only glimmer of light in the dark abyss. All the people gathered in the one room could see each other’s glowing eyes and could feel them graze one another. It was all they could do to know that someone else was there with them.

She was anxious for good reasons. She was expecting an attack and everyone was stationed in advantageous positions. She saw April without a wand and she calls out to her to hand her her wand on the table, but not before consulting with the person before. She wanted to be sure that it was April’s wand and no one else’s.

April turns to her and smiles, almost guiltily.

She sees a strand of blonde hair sway behind a large post and she quickly guards herself and more importantly everyone behind her.

There were shouts of spell coming from the blonde and each one deflected. The blonde girl was surprised and startled as Cassandra (I later find out her name in my dream) lunged toward her. Unexpectedly, the blonde was thrown to the side as Cassandra protected even her from a swarm of white ghostly things.

The things attacked everyone, forcing them to enter other rooms and separating from the main group much to Cassandra’s dismay. Spell after spell were being thrown at the things as they all tried to protect each other and themselves.

Trivia: Cassandra’s frequently used spell is Protego and she is often seen protecting others.

As she battled one ghost after another, she realized what was happening and as she did doors and windows began to close the people in. Desperate, she was quick to her feet, her reflex was to throw out spells and pry open doors. Thankfully, she saved quite a number of them. To those who weren’t so lucky to be with her, she bid them good luck and encouragement.

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