the realization of having never moved forward

29 Apr


I had a dream today about getting a haircut. I’ve been growing out my hair for the past half year and it’s gotten to my mid back. When I tie it in a ponytail, it’s pretty much still past my shoulders. It’s amazing in my opinion because I haven’t had it that long since middle school and that was ages ago.

I was completely shocked to see myself in the dream with a mid-length haircut, but it felt fitting. It was like I was meant to have that haircut and it made me feel refreshed. I guess, I’ve been on the mindset of moving forward lately due to some Korean drama shows I’ve been addicted to lately. I just thought, it was time to let myself move on. The past can’t do me any good if I don’t learn from them and even though I didn’t really get a haircut, the dream itself was enough for me.

Instead of telling you my dream that I can’t remember completely, here are somethings I found out about dreaming of haircuts.

A haircut can symbolize both the negative and positive, so I advice you as the dreamer to really think about how you felt in that dream and what things you may have done, if you recall.

For me, everything is based on the fact that I felt refreshed and completely elated.

A haircut is a symbol of moving on, of starting new and letting go of the past that you’ve held on to. In some beliefs, hair is a part of ones body and soul. It’s precious. So, letting go of a part of yourself is an important step in a person’s life whether it be good or not. In Asia, in the old days, even men grew their hairs out long and put them in a topknot. Because hair is a part of you, it was said that the cutting of ones hair is just as bad as losing ones life. Think about that. Lol

Some beliefs think that the cutting of hair is a big misfortune, bad omen, but for me, it felt quite right. I saw myself differently because I looked different. I felt confident and I think that’s not a bad thing at all. This also applies if you have a different hairstyle.

If you brushed your hair in the dream, like I did, it means changing of attitude by either clarifying your feelings or bringing order to them. It could also mean getting rid of emotional or relationship tangles or tangled ideas. Hmm, as for me, I’ve going through some old feelings that recently resurfaced concerning an old crush and even though I’ve decided to just let the feelings do what they do, I also wanted to let go quickly because holding on isn’t doing me any good.

The manner in which my hair was straight, shiny and full of health and also that it felt lighter than it has in a while suggests positivism also. This is as far as I will go with my dream, but if you want to inquire more about yours, just visit these sites:

I hope you find the answer to your dream.

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