a cycle of dreams

09 May


It’s unfortunate that this time around I have vivid dreams, but time is easily eating it away. So, I will rush to recollect it.

Dreamt of cuddling to a ghost and not knowing that it was

Felt comfortable and loved

In another dream, Vhanessa is off to get married

Everyone is there waiting, both the families of the groom and bride.

Us- the Andrews Family is on one table together with the bride and groom

From left to right

Bride-groom    three people     papa-“you”      me-Kamille/Mom-Niall

The groom doesn’t arrive and the guests all leave


We all knew why he didn’t arrive but his family are all still in the dark

Vhanessa gets insulted many times, saying that she is the reason why he isn’t there

They don’t know-but we knew before the second dream began

Priest arrives and is baffled that there is no wedding

He approaches me and tells me not to let a ghost close, and immediately, I am brought to the real world from fear because I remembered the first dream

Vhanessa tries to awaken me because I was stuck in paralysis. It wasn’t as bad though. I got out of it myself, but she helped completely wake me up.
I think the dream repeats

This time, I am in search of Alan.

He is nowhere to be seen so we go to visit him…

Unfortunately, this dream is now a blur to me. But I remember going into the Carter home and being shocked to see a small Alan. He tells me that “Yeah, I know. I got small and she only misses the bigger me.”

I think somewhere along the dream repeat, a girl was in search of Alan- probably at the wedding.

I am shocked to see Alan the way that he is. He looked so much like his young self. He gave me a book and returned to bed.

I talked to his mom and she confirmed that he’d gotten smaller because he was sick and that he now liked to stay indoors.

I wake up again from shock.

I think I had another dream after this, but I can’t remember if it repeated the unfinished wedding. I just know that at the end of it all, we all find out that the groom died from an accident.

Then enter another dream or part of that dream.

The groom is buried under a pile of rubble. Someone knows he’s there and pulls him out. He is dead? Alive? A ghost? I can’t  be sure. But a series of events happen that I can’t remember anymore.
Then change into another dream.

First of all, I dreamt of my best friends being there. I dream of a girl who might be a friend, calling me, Jacqui and Madison out. We are in her car. She becomes upset about “Nichkhun”. She goes on a quick crazy drive around the parking lot until we tell her he’s there also.

JunK and Taecyeon or Wooyoung are there also. Nichkhun requests that they stay with us three while he talks to his girl (who isn’t Tiffany btw).

The dream of the wedding or recollection of the event happens and I become upset.

Sometime along the dream, we end up in a house and we are partying, but I can’t say I feel happy. I am still upset about the first dream, the second and the latest one.

In this dream, I become so upset that I choose to leave early.

One of the three guys offer. JunK.

We prepare, but something happens and all that I remember is meeting Alan again and crying after because seeing him so small and in pain really bothered me.

By the end of this dream, I am just completely devastated and we end up not leaving the place because I’m just too out of it.

And lastly I end up in a school that I’ve dreamt countless times of before. The school is strange.

First off, I end up in a classroom where the teacher is lecturing/singing. I walk out with pretense of going to the rest room. The whole school is with flowers. I don’t go to the restroom, but I walk the perimeter-

I’m not sure if this part comes in here or at the end but…

I end up in a market

Some girl starts eating all the free taste, not in understanding with the ahjummas. I watch her and her mother. I watch other kids eat. And I ask how much dumpling each bag contains. The ahjummas are pleased for an actual customer. They want to redirect me elsewhere but make me eat. One plate. Two plates.

I decide not to eat too much of their food. But throughout the time I’ve struck a really good conversation about their food because I know how to cook it myself. At one point, I mention the groom and how he’s made this type of food for us before.

After I eat, I try to pay, but I haven’t done math in so long, I get confused. The little girl calls out to my mom and repeat. I go to a bank sometime in during any of these dreams. I withdraw $20, but in my bag there is $72 ($50, $20 and two $2) and two $5 in my pocket- cash that I have in actual life

I pay $20 after my mom says she’ll pay with a $20 too.

The food I ate cost somewhere between $8 and $16. I know I end up with change, but don’t take it. They redirect me to a place where I can buy lots of dumpling.

I return to school and they are still putting up flowers. I try to go back to class but they too have stayed the same, so I walk half the perimeter back and forth twice. I decide to go down. I open the door. A person- Vivi? No the another girl- asks if I’m okay when I get hit by the unexpectedly heavy door.

Outside she tries to walk with me, but she turns into someone with a twin and her twin takes her away. I am okay with that because I wanted to walk alone. They end up in front of me and Ashley Olsen appears as their friend, so now there are two sets of twins. One set of each wants independence and the other set is dependent.

I wake up here, I think.

But somewhere in this dream…

Maybe at the end, I decide to walk to the library of the school as I often do in this school. I remember thinking, I’m not ditching this time.

Also, I thought, I didn’t have much in my bag.

And also this part.

I dream of myself walking out into the night with a backpack on alongside someone.

I am at school.

I walk him somewhere, stop halfway.

On the way, I saw the girls, the guys and Lilly and someone else.

At the halfway and time for me to return, I see Lilly again.

Again, unfortunately, I don’t remember anything anymore. I mean, I could go into detail with the scenes and I will return to this after writing all out… I’ll write them in red or something if I do end up writing them. I don’t know.

I will also be looking into the meanings and will be writing about it in a different post.

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