13 May

PicMonkey Collage

I had this strange dream of being in that similar school I’ve always been except this time I was in the art department. It was strange because it felt like was in my current school now. People that I’ve seen or walked by before seemed to be there.

This recollection is a bit broken…

In the dream, I was in a classroom with some rich kids. I was on a table of people I did know. It was really annoying, I remember because the guys in that room were really superficial. Especially because one of the guys there knew this girl I was with, but refused to acknowledge her because of something that happened between her and some other popular girl. It was just a really strange dream. There was a popular contest in the middle of the dream where the guys have to go to a girl and write on her hand? I was so annoyed by that time that because I knew it was a dream, I just tried to change it up.

Also some guy I know in real life popped up and was trying to help someone find a girl and it turned out to be me, but they totally butchered my name. I mean, how do you butcher a common name? For example, John or Jane. How do you butcher that?

I got along with a few girls and other things happened, but honestly, it was just a series of things that lead to the next part.

Some time in the middle of the dream, I was walking around the school because I no longer wanted to attend class. But we had an essay and a painting due which, I’d done, but because I didn’t want to go to class, I just kind of decided not to turn it in. My writing professor in real life is the professor in the dream and I’d had him before so he knows me pretty well. And we sort of met in the hallways. He knew I was around and was talking in a loud voice, pretending he was talking to someone else, but his words were directed to me.

By that time, I was resolute on dropping that class with the stupid people in it.

So, yeah, I ditched.

I was walking around school and found some places I’d been to before. There were these set of stairs I’ve sat on before in another dream and I tried to go there, but the drama teacher was around and he was telling me to check the stairs to see if anyone was there because no one is allowed there. As I walked around some more, I realized this whole school is a combination of a lot of other schools and buildings from previous dreams and I’ve never really figured out what this meant for me.

I found a huge bag of hot cheetos- hopefully it was hot cheetos. I didn’t see the label clearly when I grabbed it in the dream. And then I proceeded to escape the place. I think other things happened during this time, but I only remember one string of events.

While I walked around, I came across a boy, who was drawing the Taj Mahal in Claude Monet’s style. I remembered, I had done something similar, but I mimicked not only the style of Monet’s, but the painting itself for a class. It was during this time that I looked at my painting sadly because I had done it, but was unable to turn it in. I decided to get out of the hallways because I could get caught ditching and so I walk around.

And that’s where my memory of the dream ends.

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