art class

17 May


Another strange dream in the same art department as last.

My friends and I signed up for a class and I guess, I didn’t know who the professor would be, but it turns out to be by creative nonfiction professor (again!). There were three of us. Me, Lilly and Jillian.

Lilly called for us to come into the classroom as the seats were quickly being filled, “Hurry.”

Jillian rushes inside while I gawk at the site of my professor. I had no idea I was in a dream. Everything about this one felt so real that I wasn’t really in the right mind. I sit beside Jillian, but decide to change because I didn’t like the table design. A little bit of chaos ensues as students rush to get to a seat. In the end, I still end up beside Jillian.

The professor then tells us to get our things. We will be drawing outside today.

My professor changes to someone I had two years prior. He was my poetry? novel professor. He pointed one group to one direction and my group towards another.

Jillian and Lilly disappear and Jacqui appears beside me.

We go to this one place that had a name, but sadly, I can’t remember. There were stuffed bears all over the place and it was adorable. We were all taken by it.

The place turns into a familiar shopping area from other dreams I’ve had before. In the end of this whole dream, Jacqui and I spend the rest of it sitting around and drawing and thinking about where to eat afterwards.

In a weird scene change or something, my novel professor changes into Shirohige/Whitebeard who creates this earthquake that re-adgusts the whole place’s curved topography. It was really crazy. But I mean, by the end of the dream, I was just checked out. I mean, I only focused on hanging out and basically the scene change was as if it was movie type of thing.


In another part of my dream, but can’t remember if it came first or last- I was with friends again. We were all hanging out in a classroom. A lot of familiar faces: Mervyn, Jonathan, Nick… Madison, Sunny, and Jacqui. There was Wyatt and Bret. Basically, we were all hanging out and this guy that Jillian had a crush on started liking me. That caused a fight amongst friends.

Another dream was I was being bullied by either that guy or Emmett or Ed. One of those three. It’s important to mention this because it really made me feel uneasy within the dream. I really felt like crying because of a lost friendship due to a guy? Seriously? And now this. None of it made any sense.

Small note that I don’t have a lot of details for, another faceless guy appears in my dream. This will be the second or third time that I have dreamt of this particular faceless guy who is always in an art room when we meet.

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