all terrors lead somewhere

15 Aug

Lucid dreaming.
I knew I was on the first stage of lucid dreaming as I was aware that I was dreaming. I reached the later stages by consciously questioning and acting on my own actual decisions.

Caleb Rivers of Pretty Little Liars
I’ve been marathon in PLL in the last three days because they had just revealed A on midseason finale season 6. I dreamt that he and Hanna Marin had broken up and I was trying to get them back together. It was a strange mix of reality and fiction. My real life friends and fictional relationships were entwined. For some reason that made sense.
Dreaming of celebrities entails similarities or aspirations. Depending on who the celebrity is, it’s their traits that we identify with.
In this case, I saw Caleb- Tyler Blackburn, who is accomplished and have faced the troubles of being a foster child sucessfully. Then there was Hanna- Ashley Benson, who struggled financially for so long, but was still able to let herself love and love and maintain good friendships. They were both able to fight their stigmas.
I think, I dreamt of them because those are things I aspire.

Fast food: Wendy’s
Okay this one is strange. Dreaming of fast food places can mean lack of self care. It means that I have not been taking care of my emotional and physical well being. And since I wanted the food, it could mean that I am consciously mistreating myself.

Relationships: Breakups
I didn’t actually dream of a breakup. Rather, I dreamt of people getting back together, but not there yet. This could mean that things are on their way to be repaired. As they say, the circle of life is, I am no longer at the bottom of that circle.

And so, those are the main key points of my dream. I only gave meanings because I didn’t think it would be necessary to recollect the whole dream even though it’s been so long since u last lucid dreamed.

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