day to night dreams

01 Sep


I’ve been sleeping on the couch for the past week and a half because I just haven’t felt comfortable going back to bed since I had the Hypnagogic sleep paralysis experience. In the living room, I haven’t really had a bad experience since sleeping out.

Let me talk about my dreams from last night.

I haven’t lucid dreamed since my last post. This time, I dreamt of New York and a house I’ve never been in before or don’t remember being in before. Maybe, as I talk about it, the place will become familiar.

It was a cloudy day. The streets were filled with people. I was with my older sister and brother. We were on our way to photograph Lady Liberty when we saw the long line of people. Curious, we asked around what the line was all about. People told us that the Statue was open for the public, even the highest platform which was absurd to us because she hadn’t been open to the public in such a long time. I, in particular, could not believe that it was open for everyone. I didn’t think that it would support the ongoing traffic. But the three of us went all the way up and were taking pictures. Strangely, some lady was leaning out and taking pictures and we were concerned about her safety for a while. She wore a red dress with puffed short sleeves. She had curly hair and she looked a lot like my nanny from when I was younger.

I’m not sure what happened in between, but I know we go down the Statue of Liberty and we had a conversation with someone or a group of people. Just, I know something happened between, but I can’t recall it because I’ve had the dream like an hour or so ago.

Next moment I knew we were at the house.

This one is a bit more blurry to me especially since I’ve taken so long to recall it.

We were at a house filled with people that I was supposedly familiar with. I think the biggest key to this dream was that I didn’t take control of the dream. I was just watching which I haven’t done in a while.

At some point in this dream, I express liking/loving or being in a relationship with someone. I really wish I could tell the story. I just know that he insists that we hang out in the living area with other people, but I happen to not like one of the people he is with (who happens to be female, but it wasn’t jealousy… like an old rivalry?)

So, I ended getting food and avoiding them.

The whole house had a warm color of orange and yellow. There were a few other characters that I encountered, but I couldn’t be sure of each encounter.

But the reason why I titled it the way that I did is because the guy in my dream is a dream guy I’ve had in my daydreams, but never in my night dreams. His face was so vivid, his voice and just his mannerisms. It was crazy. But I guess, it was time my thoughts and how I’m just so used to modeling all my written characters after him transferred into my real dreams. I did think though that I’ve encountered him in other dreams- possibly in the art class or the untitled dream. Anyway, I thought it was such a strange thing having an actual visible face and knowing exactly who he is without actually knowing.

I think, how daydreams work a lot like night dreams. We can control the events better and possibly shape the characters in it, but ultimately, the story within a daydream has a life of its own.

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