13 Sep


I fell asleep past 2AM after watching two movies to drown out the darkness and the loneliness the night brought on. Sleeping late has induced a lot of different dream realms. It’s not all to good for me to get swallowed up by the emptiness.

In the dream, I stepped out from a class I just had and out onto the cloudy grounds of school. It was the vast school compiled of all the schools I’d ever attended my whole life. There were bungalows and two story buildings. I straight speared through the crowd, deciding to get myself milk tea from Dolphin Bay I was sure existed outside the walls of the school. It would be across the street, at the corner where school met the strange mall I always got lost in- where I am always getting chased.

I cross the street without a hiccup.

The line of people was short and I was at the entrance in no time at all. One by one, other students piled behind me. Others recognize my silhouette. They say ‘hi’ and I return the gesture.

Some lady walks out of the restaurant, leading the whole line to reform elsewhere as to keep the street clear. I meet others during this walk, Rose, Jillian, Jackie, and Mervyn.

A hollowness in the pit of my stomach arises. I was alone in that line amongst people I knew from different aspects of my life.

I open my phone, as do many others when they feel trapped. I have little to no battery left. I turn to Jackie to ask for her phone. I’d known her since grade school, when we used to play on the monkey bars like we were crossing the radius of a volcano.

“Meet me at Dolphin Bay.”

The others around me continue trying to converse with me through out the wait.

Rose then says as we arrived where the lady realigned us, “how come you guys are at the end of the line?”

True enough, I had ended up behind a long line. Somehow, the wait became annoying. I could feel real anger rise to my cheeks. I didn’t understand how I’d gotten to the back.

Jackie tells me someone had replied back.

I take her phone, open it and see my best friend has replied, “Sure, I’ll be there asap.”

I debate over Dolphin Bay with the phone open.

“I don’t think I want to wait.”

The long debate continues. Jillian backs me up and ultimately resulted in finalizing my decision. We jump out of the line, wave our goodbyes, returned the phone without replying back, and again spear headed out of there. I was decided to just leave.

We are linked arm in arm, weaving through the crowd like the experts we are in dodging.

An image whizzes by me. It’s familiar. Narration of my real self interrupts the normal pace, inserting a flashback of him whizzing by all the time. Sunday boy, as I call him in my other blog, may have just passed me by.


I hadn’t seen him in so long, I’m curious as to why his image in a flashback had been so clear and precise, down to his frown.

I ask Jillian to trace our steps back, explaining that I had seen someone I wanted to talk to. It doesn’t take a long time to catch up. There before me was him in denim. And like all Sundays, I do nothing.

I see him head toward Dolphin Bay and I soon wish to return to where I had been standing so I could see his face, not the back of his head. And so that he could see me. But none of that happens when Jillian and I get distracted by my bag in the classroom I had walked out of at the beginning of it all. I had a few things and not enough bags. So, I tell Jillian, I’d be back with a bag, insisting she stay behind.

I walked out of that classroom and into a backroom that was much like the backrooms of the adjacent mall. I open all the doors one by one. The first door led to a hospital. The second led to an eerily dark closet, and the last was locked. Another door that hadn’t been there before opens and a familiar stranger, in the form who seemed like my brother, entered in.

“What are you doing? This is it,” he reached for the shell-like notch of a tiny compartment and began to twist it. He twisted it until it came loose. He opened the latch and the face of Santa popped out. More than scared and surprised, I was confused.

He proceeded to tell me that this was the way. He rubbed the shell on Santa’s face and attempted to relock the latch.

We end up in a sewage where we’re met with family.

I meet a wolf they’re all pretty close to.


We travel a series of rivers with dead red and gray foxes, where the wolf leads our pack. I meet a strange penguin that shimmies through small holes to inspect the other side. And in the dream I am reminded of another dream where I travel through fields and forests, desperately looking for a safe home.

I am watching everyone, while I run with them.

The wolf looks like fox at first and turns into man and back to a wolf as he tries to battle something that chases us. I am watching him from behind, but I am still a part of their group all the same.

The dream ends in an attic room over a theater where we light a chandelier, creating shining constellations over the darkened stage where a man played a piano and dancers leaped across to and fro.

The piano player notices us after a while. He looks up and I am him, yet I am also watching down.


Dream meanings.

I dreamt of milk tea and spear headed towards it. Milk can mean nature or money and tea, being unsurprised by a visitor. I have a wish for prosperity, currently and my mother is coming back from the Philippines. She’s not exactly a visitor, but I have a long story behind this.

Dreaming of lines indicate the need to reassess relationships. I need to be more aware of the people around me what they mean to me. Being in line means practicing to be patient. The fact that I didn’t, in the dream, says a lot. I became impatient real quickly because I had been nearly at the front and was tossed back. I was so close, but I didn’t think the wait was worth it. And even after I realize Sunday boy is headed there, my regret doesn’t last long.

Sunday boy… well it is Sunday today. Maybe, I just missed seeing him. I haven’t seen him in over three months and I haven’t been going to church for almost a month.

The bag the I left behind could mean that I have baggage I forget about or don’t want to think about. The other things with my bag were art supplies. It could be that I would rather leave them behind, but I begrudgingly try to take them with me resulting in entering a new dream.

The wolf in my dream can mean a lot of different things, and I would like to tackle the meaning of the animals in this dream in another post. But here’s what I found: wolves in dreams.

At the end of the dream, I see a piano player- notice that I don’t ever say pianist. In the dream, I don’t recognize him as a pianist. Dreaming of music played with a piano is a good sign. It usually means a turn of events. I would also like to talk about this last part on a different post because it has a lot of information I want to tackle. Here is a post I found though.

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