Speak no Evil

06 Nov


I’ve been napping often due to personal things and needing just that bit more of sleep. It’s actually really unhealthy but I can’t help myself. I have to catch up on other dream posts I lromised, but here is a nap dream that I actually remembered.

The inability to speak.

Dreaming of being unable to speak says a lot about inner turmoil. Think of it as a sign for a couple of things like if you keep constant secrets from the people you care for, or that you have decided to undergo a battle on your own. In general you could say the one category: you’ve chosen not to include others while on the second, you’ve chosen to fight and feel you have no right to call out for help.

As for me, I’ve been going through a lot of self reflection, trying to find the answers. I feel that I fall in both categories without actually being in both completely. It’s like how my mom says it, dipping on both sauces- of course, it’s said in my language, but same thing.

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