malevolent or magical

03 Dec


I don’t dream of magic often. And when I do, it usually has signs of the religion playing in. This dream was probably from a week ago or a few days ago.

In this dream, I dreamt of being a visitor to someone else’s carnival or fair. It’s all well in the beginning. I’m exploring and having “fun” until a man approaches fear stricken and pleading for help.

I step up and the exorcism begins. Rooms are not so much possessed, but over taken by evil spirits and evil angels- demons.

Basically, my oldest sister, who moved out a couple months ago, appeared and four of us end up exorcising these spirits. Mostly, it’s me saying “Hasa hasa, [enter cheerful words]”. I’ll be the first to admit; this is strange.

The point is, we say this for what seems like hours. Maybe the same amount of hours of my sleep.

I remember our last rooms. We separate into two groups. My sister with this old man and me, also with an old person- woman, I think.

My grandfather recently passed, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he’d been there with my grandmother. Finally reunited in death.

The last two rooms, we separated and finished the job.

On my end, the old person that I was with panics a little, afraid and unsure she’d be able to do the job without the other two. I help her realize that she is more than capable. In the end, the demon escapes into the other side.

The other team calls for us. My sister is in trouble. The story ends happily. I save her. We save this whole place. And everyone is celebrating.

In the dream, I wasn’t afraid because the words meant I was safe. I knew that I would be safe. Even when I wasn’t, I still knew that I would be.

Dreaming of exorcising, expelling demons, I think that is clear in itself. But I searched it up anyway.

Others think that dreams like this means you’ve chosen for a greater purpose. I’ve had quite a few dreams about religion. I’ve dreamt of the Virgin Mary reaching out to me. I’ve dreamt of being saved by her. And now this.

Does that mean I have been chosen?

I don’t suppose so. A lot of my dreams often reveal my anxieties and things I’ve been dwelling on subconsciously. I think, in this case, I’ve been fighting my own demons and trying really hard to follow my faith. And I hope that this means, even as I struggle, I will find my way and that there is hope.

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