01 May


This dream brings me back to when I used to dream about being in a place that combines my home now and the home I came from. That world exists in one area and I can travel back and forth in mere minutes. That place is where my dream occurs this time.

In this dream, I dreamed I was with family I hadn’t seen in a long time. They’re all very much like they are in real life. For me, it felt uncomfortable facing them and keeping a bold face lie- my current situation in real life. Even though I knew it to be a dream because I immediately recognized the setting, the feeling of being a liar stuck to me and I couldn’t interact with them naturally.

For this particular dream, I’m traveling back and forth from my current to my past. And people become blobs to me. Everyone had started out as these specific people, people I’ve ran away from before and those that I’ve lied to. It’s only until I’ve gone back and forth to many times that they become less identifiable. In this dream, I’m at school, I’m at home, etc. I’m everywhere, but one spot. I’m always moving around and trying to get away from certain things.

I know that I was scared to meet people in the eyes, so I avoid those situations, but as I do, I avoid them entirely. I wanted to be disconnected in some way from all the things going on.

I remember someone trying to chase me, to sit me down, but I’m not quite sure if this is true. In that dream, I met friends I hadn’t seen in a long time. We’re in groups I don’t really care for. We’re trying to get with people I don’t want to see. Etc. Just a lot of the dream was me feeling out of place.

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