Growing up, I’ve had my own ideals about life. I knew how difficult it was in the outside world since I was only 8 years old, so it wasn’t a surprise to me that I would be having one of my life crisis at the age of 20. It’s been quite a roller coaster of both mental and emotional struggles. I can’t say I don’t regret a few things that have led to what I am today, but I don’t forsake them either.

I’m currently an art student at The Art Institute, studying Game Art and Design. I’m on my third quarter as of now and I can definitely say, I regret nothing. I’ve made many mistakes just so I finally get on the right path.

So here’s to me growing up just a little since the day I turned 20 to when I turn 21.

& Vela June

Vela June is a pen name I came up with while I was writing a story. Vela comes from the Southern Hemisphere constellation that is located near Pyxis and Carina while June is derived from the story I was writing. (Edit: Vela also comes from a fanfiction I’m writing based on the world of Harry Potter.)

June, the character, is a younger sister to a very talented and well sought out Jei. June often feels inferior as her abilities can’t even compare to that of her sister’s. In the story, June sets out on a journey to find her missing sister and in that journey there are things she finds out about herself.

I feel that in all the characters I’ve ever created, June is one who was entirely based on myself. Every little quirk and talents that she has was based on me. The things that she learns are things that I’ve learned. Her journey is still my journey.

Originally, my pen name was Aira Isane, a.i. meaning artificial intelligence or the Japanese word ai meaning love, but since starting my novels, I realized how unfitting the pen name was. I now only use that pen name to write fanfiction. I’ve used the pen name for so long now that I’m still getting used to writing Vela June on my original stories.

So, anything under Vela June may have already been written under the name, Aira Isane, but that’s alright. I am who I am. Aira is my past while June is the future I’m striving for.

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