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all terrors lead somewhere

Lucid dreaming.
I knew I was on the first stage of lucid dreaming as I was aware that I was dreaming. I reached the later stages by consciously questioning and acting on my own actual decisions.

Caleb Rivers of Pretty Little Liars
I’ve been marathon in PLL in the last three days because they had just revealed A on midseason finale season 6. I dreamt that he and Hanna Marin had broken up and I was trying to get them back together. It was a strange mix of reality and fiction. My real life friends and fictional relationships were entwined. For some reason that made sense.
Dreaming of celebrities entails similarities or aspirations. Depending on who the celebrity is, it’s their traits that we identify with.
In this case, I saw Caleb- Tyler Blackburn, who is accomplished and have faced the troubles of being a foster child sucessfully. Then there was Hanna- Ashley Benson, who struggled financially for so long, but was still able to let herself love and love and maintain good friendships. They were both able to fight their stigmas.
I think, I dreamt of them because those are things I aspire.

Fast food: Wendy’s
Okay this one is strange. Dreaming of fast food places can mean lack of self care. It means that I have not been taking care of my emotional and physical well being. And since I wanted the food, it could mean that I am consciously mistreating myself.

Relationships: Breakups
I didn’t actually dream of a breakup. Rather, I dreamt of people getting back together, but not there yet. This could mean that things are on their way to be repaired. As they say, the circle of life is, I am no longer at the bottom of that circle.

And so, those are the main key points of my dream. I only gave meanings because I didn’t think it would be necessary to recollect the whole dream even though it’s been so long since u last lucid dreamed.

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the realization of having never moved forward


I had a dream today about getting a haircut. I’ve been growing out my hair for the past half year and it’s gotten to my mid back. When I tie it in a ponytail, it’s pretty much still past my shoulders. It’s amazing in my opinion because I haven’t had it that long since middle school and that was ages ago.

I was completely shocked to see myself in the dream with a mid-length haircut, but it felt fitting. It was like I was meant to have that haircut and it made me feel refreshed. I guess, I’ve been on the mindset of moving forward lately due to some Korean drama shows I’ve been addicted to lately. I just thought, it was time to let myself move on. The past can’t do me any good if I don’t learn from them and even though I didn’t really get a haircut, the dream itself was enough for me.

Instead of telling you my dream that I can’t remember completely, here are somethings I found out about dreaming of haircuts. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Monsters of My Dream

Here’s a strange one for you.

Giving you a little background of my life, I’ve been having some friend problems lately that have occupied my thoughts 24/7. Pretty much, I’ve been in a state of depression due to that problem and the thing is, my friends and I have no idea what’s really going on. Anyway, I’ve also been stressing- thinking about school, not so much stress. I actually feel at peace with the current decisions I’ve been making with my school life only because I feel that it’s my life and I go by my pace. Read the rest of this entry »

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As A Rule

I took a really long nap today because I think I was just totally beaten down by life from the past few days. I took a break from life and honestly, the sleep did not feel all to relaxing. I had plenty of dreams, but because I haven’t been very diligent in writing them down, I forget. Well this time at least I remembered bits and pieces of my dream.

Read the rest of this entry »

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dear brother – the dream

It’s been a while since I’ve dreamed of a guy around the age of the faceless man from dreams so long ago. He had dark hair, well defined jaw, and brown eyes. He was handsome and put together. Let me begin where I remember.


I was in my bedroom getting ready to sleep, but I have a headache both in dream and in sleep. So, I got up, slowly approached the door and opened it. It was around midnight because everyone was asleep except for my dad. I can see the light in the living room lit. I don’t hear anything and am caught by surprise when the dark handsome face pops out of nowhere.

“Hey,” he says.

I almost scream from the surprise.

“You can’t sleep either?”

I nod. I’m not too sure if I can actually speak or if I’m simply saying it all in my head.

We decide to go to a room where we can’t disturb anyone.

I know the house from a different dream. Every time I’m there, I’m there with family. This time, I knew the whole family was there and I knew deep in my heart, the dark handsome face is my deceased brother.

We arrived at the end of the house where I found a room full of drawing tables. It was that moment I realized, he was my brother. He is the image I have always wished him to be, someone who understood me.

We were talking together for a while before his friends and my friends I arrived. It was then that things escalated quickly. I don’t remember exactly what happened, but my brother says a few things that cause me to run. I run to another room and locked it, but it comes unlocked and he’s there. I run again, and there he is following me. This continues on. For a moment he laughs because I can’t get away, but I’m still mad at the words he said to me. So, I return to the room we came from and he calls out to me. That’s it, I’ve had enough and I shout at him.

I tell that it’s not like I don’t love my siblings, that I don’t love them that I’m the way that I am. I cry and my friends take me away to comfort me.

I remember, he looked so sad as he looked my way.

I don’t know if it matters, but the friends I was with are friends I haven’t seen in a long time. Read the rest of this entry »

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