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This dream brings me back to when I used to dream about being in a place that combines my home now and the home I came from. That world exists in one area and I can travel back and forth in mere minutes. That place is where my dream occurs this time.

In this dream, I dreamed I was with family I hadn’t seen in a long time. They’re all very much like they are in real life. For me, it felt uncomfortable facing them and keeping a bold face lie- my current situation in real life. Even though I knew it to be a dream because I immediately recognized the setting, the feeling of being a liar stuck to me and I couldn’t interact with them naturally.

For this particular dream, I’m traveling back and forth from my current to my past. And people become blobs to me. Everyone had started out as these specific people, people I’ve ran away from before and those that I’ve lied to. It’s only until I’ve gone back and forth to many times that they become less identifiable. In this dream, I’m at school, I’m at home, etc. I’m everywhere, but one spot. I’m always moving around and trying to get away from certain things. Read the rest of this entry »

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Birthday Wish

Last night, I thought I would have a peaceful sleep and I never thought that even in my dreams, on the day of my birthday, I would be crying.

My birthday was last Friday. It started out quite well and I was having a wonderful 22nd birthday. My expectation rose, but my standards gradually lowered unconsciously. And as the day began to drag, I knew that I was yet again falling into that chronic depression. It didn’t help that as I watched a movie with my best of friends, some idiot was feeling himself at the seat beside mine. As if that day wasn’t bad enough, I am yet again thrown into Friday of January 31st in my dreams.


It began like the actual day with everyone smiling. People who I hadn’t seen for a long time now appeared in the dream. Friends were once again friends. We were on our way to the mountain? where a friend’s vacation home stood. There we spent our day. The details aren’t important though I can remember it well. As the day played on, I realized, the gathering had nothing to do with me. I could be lost in the woods and no one would know. In my dream, the air nipped and because of the heartbreak that I felt, I convinced myself to leave, but before I could I realized the sun had already set.

In this dream, I felt so alone in such a crowded place. Everyone was noisy and annoying while I kept to myself as much as possible. I couldn’t stand them. None of them. I wanted to be alone even though I already felt alone.

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