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it’s been a while, hasn’t it

It’s been a while since I’ve had dreams I remembered to a T.

I’ve had fleeting memories of dreams. But last night was the first night I actually felt they were vivid.


Let’s talk about my fleeting dream first.

If you follow my main blog, you’ll know all about Sunday guy. Sunday guy isn’t faceless guy. No. Sunday guy has a distinct face I’ve gotten to know over the course of years we’ve shared the same school and hometown.

Then one day, he stopped coming to church and my Sundays changed.

I had a dream of him. Read the rest of this entry »

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I fell asleep past 2AM after watching two movies to drown out the darkness and the loneliness the night brought on. Sleeping late has induced a lot of different dream realms. It’s not all to good for me to get swallowed up by the emptiness.

In the dream, I stepped out from a class I just had and out onto the cloudy grounds of school. It was the vast school compiled of all the schools I’d ever attended my whole life. There were bungalows and two story buildings. I straight speared through the crowd, deciding to get myself milk tea from Dolphin Bay I was sure existed outside the walls of the school. It would be across the street, at the corner where school met the strange mall I always got lost in- where I am always getting chased.

I cross the street without a hiccup.

The line of people was short and I was at the entrance in no time at all. One by one, other students piled behind me. Others recognize my silhouette. They say ‘hi’ and I return the gesture.

Some lady walks out of the restaurant, leading the whole line to reform elsewhere as to keep the street clear. I meet others during this walk, Rose, Jillian, Jackie, and Mervyn.

A hollowness in the pit of my stomach arises. I was alone in that line amongst people I knew from different aspects of my life. Read the rest of this entry »

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art class


Another strange dream in the same art department as last.

My friends and I signed up for a class and I guess, I didn’t know who the professor would be, but it turns out to be by creative nonfiction professor (again!). There were three of us. Me, Lilly and Jillian.

Lilly called for us to come into the classroom as the seats were quickly being filled, “Hurry.”

Jillian rushes inside while I gawk at the site of my professor. I had no idea I was in a dream. Everything about this one felt so real that I wasn’t really in the right mind. I sit beside Jillian, but decide to change because I didn’t like the table design. A little bit of chaos ensues as students rush to get to a seat. In the end, I still end up beside Jillian.

The professor then tells us to get our things. We will be drawing outside today.

My professor changes to someone I had two years prior. He was my poetry? novel professor. He pointed one group to one direction and my group towards another.

Jillian and Lilly disappear and Jacqui appears beside me.

We go to this one place that had a name, but sadly, I can’t remember. There were stuffed bears all over the place and it was adorable. We were all taken by it.

The place turns into a familiar shopping area from other dreams I’ve had before. In the end of this whole dream, Jacqui and I spend the rest of it sitting around and drawing and thinking about where to eat afterwards. Read the rest of this entry »

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the realization of having never moved forward


I had a dream today about getting a haircut. I’ve been growing out my hair for the past half year and it’s gotten to my mid back. When I tie it in a ponytail, it’s pretty much still past my shoulders. It’s amazing in my opinion because I haven’t had it that long since middle school and that was ages ago.

I was completely shocked to see myself in the dream with a mid-length haircut, but it felt fitting. It was like I was meant to have that haircut and it made me feel refreshed. I guess, I’ve been on the mindset of moving forward lately due to some Korean drama shows I’ve been addicted to lately. I just thought, it was time to let myself move on. The past can’t do me any good if I don’t learn from them and even though I didn’t really get a haircut, the dream itself was enough for me.

Instead of telling you my dream that I can’t remember completely, here are somethings I found out about dreaming of haircuts. Read the rest of this entry »

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I haven’t dreamed so vividly in such a long time and am glad for the rest, but it was also nice to remember my dream again.

This morning, I woke up wanting to keep sleeping.

I was in a setting where I’d been before in other dreams. It was in a market, a mansion, in the Philippines, and feeling at home and safe.

Currently, I am sick, down with the flu- most likely as it has dictated over my life for the past week. I even lost my voice. So there’s that. Not so strangely enough, dream mimicked reality. Read the rest of this entry »

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