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My Very Short Hero’s Journey


The dream was all sort of crazy with crazy fights, needing to prove oneself, and meaningless battles. I didn’t understand it and neither did I spend the time to engrave the dream in my memory, sadly. I woke up in a shock twice. One from my alarm and two from an unforeseen drool accident (which happens when I’m both physically and mentally tired). TMI?

The dream had evil witches and heroes that fought for what they believed in.

Insert cliches and strangeness and you’ve got yourself the crazy dream that I’ve just had. It was like being in a movie or film except it was real life or real life dream.

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This dream brings me back to when I used to dream about being in a place that combines my home now and the home I came from. That world exists in one area and I can travel back and forth in mere minutes. That place is where my dream occurs this time.

In this dream, I dreamed I was with family I hadn’t seen in a long time. They’re all very much like they are in real life. For me, it felt uncomfortable facing them and keeping a bold face lie- my current situation in real life. Even though I knew it to be a dream because I immediately recognized the setting, the feeling of being a liar stuck to me and I couldn’t interact with them naturally.

For this particular dream, I’m traveling back and forth from my current to my past. And people become blobs to me. Everyone had started out as these specific people, people I’ve ran away from before and those that I’ve lied to. It’s only until I’ve gone back and forth to many times that they become less identifiable. In this dream, I’m at school, I’m at home, etc. I’m everywhere, but one spot. I’m always moving around and trying to get away from certain things. Read the rest of this entry »

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Toxic Dreaming

I didn’t know there was even such a thing. Toxic Dreaming is an important thing to get to know. So, here’s definition:

A toxic dream is usually a very realistic, upsetting dream that is most likely to occur when your body’s cleansing system is overloaded during sleep. They are often terrible nightmares and they signal that your body, mind, or emotions are in a toxic state.

definition from My Dream Visions

And that’s what I’ve been having for over two weeks now. I threw off my body, mind, and emotions and now my dreams are following suit, feeding off from the chaos happening inside of me. The unconscious mind has no other things to eat except for my lack of sleep, unhealthy eating habits, stress, negative thoughts, and my constant beating of myself in my head.

It’s utterly chaotic in my world at the moment and this is why¬†I have a lot of Toxic Dreams to be sharing. Soon. And they’re pretty vivid. If you’ve ever had one yourself, feel free to share!!!

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lost things

I don’t always dream. I don’t always dream with clear details nor events that are sequential.


But here is what I remember.

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malevolent or magical


I don’t dream of magic often. And when I do, it usually has signs of the religion playing in. This dream was probably from a week ago or a few days ago.

In this dream, I dreamt of being a visitor to someone else’s carnival or fair. It’s all well in the beginning. I’m exploring and having “fun” until a man approaches fear stricken and pleading for help.

I step up and the exorcism begins. Rooms are not so much possessed, but over taken by evil spirits and evil angels- demons.

Basically, my oldest sister, who moved out a couple months ago, appeared and four of us end up exorcising these spirits. Mostly, it’s me saying “Hasa hasa, [enter cheerful words]”. I’ll be the first to admit; this is strange.

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