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malevolent or magical


I don’t dream of magic often. And when I do, it usually has signs of the religion playing in. This dream was probably from a week ago or a few days ago.

In this dream, I dreamt of being a visitor to someone else’s carnival or fair. It’s all well in the beginning. I’m exploring and having “fun” until a man approaches fear stricken and pleading for help.

I step up and the exorcism begins. Rooms are not so much possessed, but over taken by evil spirits and evil angels- demons.

Basically, my oldest sister, who moved out a couple months ago, appeared and four of us end up exorcising these spirits. Mostly, it’s me saying “Hasa hasa, [enter cheerful words]”. I’ll be the first to admit; this is strange.

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a little too much…

a little too much…

I’ve been having cases of insomnia and hyper-somnia throughout the year. The thing about either one of them is that no matter what I do, I still turn out tired and depleted of everything.

This morning, I woke up half an hour past seven to my sister watching a Korean drama that she hasn’t finished yet. It’s good and all; I wasn’t bothered that I woke up earlier than I wanted to. By 10AM, I was already completely shutting down. My eyes were drooping close and I was completely taken under.

So, I decided I would nap before heading to school because I have class today.

Honestly, I didn’t think I’d have vivid dreams because I haven’t had them in a while. Last I had one was exactly a month ago from today. (Protego is an old dream that I had, but didn’t post until as of late.)

I’m not sure where the dream began, but I know very well where it ended. Read the rest of this entry »

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The candles distributed around the whole house provided the only glimmer of light in the dark abyss. All the people gathered in the one room could see each other’s glowing eyes and could feel them graze one another. It was all they could do to know that someone else was there with them.

She was anxious for good reasons. She was expecting an attack and everyone was stationed in advantageous positions. She saw April without a wand and she calls out to her to hand her her wand on the table, but not before consulting with the person before. She wanted to be sure that it was April’s wand and no one else’s. Read the rest of this entry »

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She… they were children

I have plenty of recurring dreams.

I dream of that faceless man. I dream of the same houses, same weathers and the list goes on. I’ve had more than a few dreams about young girls at the age between 5-10 years old. For a very long time, I avoided little girls because of the fear I had towards my dreams. To better understand me, let me convey the many dreams of these little girls.

1st Dream

I was only in junior high, I think, when I first started having dreams of a little girl. Let me first describe her. She was small, thing frame, shoulder length hair and wore a short dress. I don’t particularly remember a face, but I would say, she often smiled.

The dream setting was in my grade school except the world was out of order. The ground was drowned in a sea of water and the only means of transportation were boats. Even though that was the case, the playground was still intact and playable. The shed of toys/ equipment could still be opened properly, entered properly and one wouldn’t be harmed by the high water level. But there were sharks and lots of other things that shouldn’t be there like docks, more smaller body of water, and other creatures not human.

This kind of setting is something I’ve dreamed of a few times as well (though not always with a little girl, I think). Read the rest of this entry »

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