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little boy


I’ve dreamt of little girls before and I’ve found they symbolize either myself or women who are close to me or are religious in nature. These past two nights, I’ve had dreams with the same little boy and a faceless man.

Unfortunately, this faceless man is not the man I’ve been dreaming about all these years. He’s more mysteriously handsome than comfortably familiar. Everything the ‘me’ in my dream knows about him isn’t shared with my consciousness. Yet, I’m aware how close we are as two people. We are friends with a great deal of history.

As the little boy watches me in one dream and follows him in the next, I am almost convinced of who they are. They are one person, someone I’ve been thinking about lately. Someone… I’ve come to worry about more and more.

Or it could be the effects of watching Beaty and the Beast 2017 film.

Still, I don’t think so. My mind has been plagued by this person for quite some time and if he were to be these two figures in my dreams, I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s not my first time dreaming about him.

I loved him once upon a time, like a possibility then like a brother. Read the rest of this entry »

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I fell asleep past 2AM after watching two movies to drown out the darkness and the loneliness the night brought on. Sleeping late has induced a lot of different dream realms. It’s not all to good for me to get swallowed up by the emptiness.

In the dream, I stepped out from a class I just had and out onto the cloudy grounds of school. It was the vast school compiled of all the schools I’d ever attended my whole life. There were bungalows and two story buildings. I straight speared through the crowd, deciding to get myself milk tea from Dolphin Bay I was sure existed outside the walls of the school. It would be across the street, at the corner where school met the strange mall I always got lost in- where I am always getting chased.

I cross the street without a hiccup.

The line of people was short and I was at the entrance in no time at all. One by one, other students piled behind me. Others recognize my silhouette. They say ‘hi’ and I return the gesture.

Some lady walks out of the restaurant, leading the whole line to reform elsewhere as to keep the street clear. I meet others during this walk, Rose, Jillian, Jackie, and Mervyn.

A hollowness in the pit of my stomach arises. I was alone in that line amongst people I knew from different aspects of my life. Read the rest of this entry »

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he has brown eyes


He stared into my eyes as he entered my home with a casual smile. That’s when I knew, he has brown eyes. It’s a rich dark brown which I could not look away from.

My heart may have skipped a beat. I may have smiled his way.

The rest of the group entered. There was a former teacher of mine, Ms. Adams, who conversed with me in a strange manner. We have never been close, but she was comfortable. I was comfortable.

And there was a girl, younger than I.

She didn’t say much. She had beautiful light brown hair and kind mannerisms. Though, she blended with the rest of the house, invisible or oddly fitting with the American Craftsman architecture.

He watched me the whole time we discussed an important matter over dinner.

I kept my eyes cast down as best I could.

There was a sort of natural comfort and easiness to his presence.

After the meal, we all cleaned up, each taking a task. More than once, I noticed the way he followed my every move. How he tried to fall into step every time I walked.

There was a feeling of familiarity as he tried each time to follow my lead. It was nice.

I tried to do the same at least once.

Even though neither of us could find the right rhythm as the day lingered on, the way he looks at me and the I look back makes it all feel better and correct. It was nice.

And the feeling of fear before sleep has been washed by the dreams of the night.

a.n: I actually have a sister post to this. It’s called Movie Night 04: The Last Five Years.

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day to night dreams


I’ve been sleeping on the couch for the past week and a half because I just haven’t felt comfortable going back to bed since I had the Hypnagogic sleep paralysis experience. In the living room, I haven’t really had a bad experience since sleeping out.

Let me talk about my dreams from last night.

I haven’t lucid dreamed since my last post. This time, I dreamt of New York and a house I’ve never been in before or don’t remember being in before. Maybe, as I talk about it, the place will become familiar. Read the rest of this entry »

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all terrors lead somewhere

Lucid dreaming.
I knew I was on the first stage of lucid dreaming as I was aware that I was dreaming. I reached the later stages by consciously questioning and acting on my own actual decisions.

Caleb Rivers of Pretty Little Liars
I’ve been marathon in PLL in the last three days because they had just revealed A on midseason finale season 6. I dreamt that he and Hanna Marin had broken up and I was trying to get them back together. It was a strange mix of reality and fiction. My real life friends and fictional relationships were entwined. For some reason that made sense.
Dreaming of celebrities entails similarities or aspirations. Depending on who the celebrity is, it’s their traits that we identify with.
In this case, I saw Caleb- Tyler Blackburn, who is accomplished and have faced the troubles of being a foster child sucessfully. Then there was Hanna- Ashley Benson, who struggled financially for so long, but was still able to let herself love and love and maintain good friendships. They were both able to fight their stigmas.
I think, I dreamt of them because those are things I aspire.

Fast food: Wendy’s
Okay this one is strange. Dreaming of fast food places can mean lack of self care. It means that I have not been taking care of my emotional and physical well being. And since I wanted the food, it could mean that I am consciously mistreating myself.

Relationships: Breakups
I didn’t actually dream of a breakup. Rather, I dreamt of people getting back together, but not there yet. This could mean that things are on their way to be repaired. As they say, the circle of life is, I am no longer at the bottom of that circle.

And so, those are the main key points of my dream. I only gave meanings because I didn’t think it would be necessary to recollect the whole dream even though it’s been so long since u last lucid dreamed.

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