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little boy


I’ve dreamt of little girls before and I’ve found they symbolize either myself or women who are close to me or are religious in nature. These past two nights, I’ve had dreams with the same little boy and a faceless man.

Unfortunately, this faceless man is not the man I’ve been dreaming about all these years. He’s more mysteriously handsome than comfortably familiar. Everything the ‘me’ in my dream knows about him isn’t shared with my consciousness. Yet, I’m aware how close we are as two people. We are friends with a great deal of history.

As the little boy watches me in one dream and follows him in the next, I am almost convinced of who they are. They are one person, someone I’ve been thinking about lately. Someone… I’ve come to worry about more and more.

Or it could be the effects of watching Beaty and the Beast 2017 film.

Still, I don’t think so. My mind has been plagued by this person for quite some time and if he were to be these two figures in my dreams, I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s not my first time dreaming about him.

I loved him once upon a time, like a possibility then like a brother. Read the rest of this entry »

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i know it’s a dream because he likes me

school i’ve been to before, large, maze like with all sort of rooms
sonia was there doing errands as if she were working as part of the student council
april and janett were there and it felt like old times
sistars were there as well, sort of in their own little clique while we all waited for the school to start the competition
nathan was there
lara was there wondering around as I ran around back and forth from one room to another with 2 of my grandfathers settled inside
I’m taking care of a boy who looks a lot like my nephew
One grandfather has a wife
I don’t actually know either grandfathers
I leave my nephew to the one without a wife as I help a few friends who don’t need help finding a place selling a special colorless drink.
On the way there, the road breaks into two. One leads to the drink and the other leads to a bathroom.
brianna shows up at the last minute, following us or at least it looked like her
Moments later, I rush back and accidentally touch a wet top
A lot of things happened that I’m not too sure about chronologically.
I apparently lost as told to me by my nephew. I was of course heartbroken, but I’m able to move on as I help him out as he asks for my help.
I’m not too sure that it was an art contest or not.
My nephew becomes upset when our grandfather asks him to stop messing around, but I convince him that it’s okay.
After this is all solved, I excuse myself to go to a class.
In that class I am approached by guys I haven’t ever hung out with in high school just so they can tell me he likes me.
I tell them I didn’t hear.
They say it again and I reply with, if he wants to tell me what it is he has to say, not them.
So, they call out to him and he comes.
We have a conversation while I pack and he never gets to his point.
I leave with april and janett and that’s when we see sonia, I think.
We don’t leave with her, and we sort of get lost. We end up in a room with a strange guy who helps us get out, but we never do because he distracts us with a test/game. We know that he’s keeping us there but I’m not too worried. So we stay. Read the rest of this entry »

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