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lost things

I don’t always dream. I don’t always dream with clear details nor events that are sequential.


But here is what I remember.

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it’s been a while, hasn’t it

It’s been a while since I’ve had dreams I remembered to a T.

I’ve had fleeting memories of dreams. But last night was the first night I actually felt they were vivid.


Let’s talk about my fleeting dream first.

If you follow my main blog, you’ll know all about Sunday guy. Sunday guy isn’t faceless guy. No. Sunday guy has a distinct face I’ve gotten to know over the course of years we’ve shared the same school and hometown.

Then one day, he stopped coming to church and my Sundays changed.

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wake up and dream

I had a series of strange dreams.


Death of Luhan? or seriously injured. Injured Tao. All the other members (not sure about Kris) were gathered around Luhan while Tao called out to them. I’ve been watching/ catching up to all my cop shows. That’s probably why I had this dream.

Me and a female friend on the dream form of Hayes Ave looking for shelter. I suggest to go to Niall’s house because his house’s dream form has an extension they don’t use often. Truth is, that extension in a different dream, belonged to my family before we moved out. Now it belongs to a family friend, but not to Niall’s family. We were looking for shelter because everyone else was. There was something we were doing that was urgent and somewhat life threatening especially since this dream came after the first.

I wake up for a few minutes and fall back to sleep.

The scene stays the same, but I know this is a different dream. The people around me have changed and I’m at the streets leading to the school from my other dreams. This time though, I am with children. 2 sets of twins, all four are boys, a few older kids around the age of 10-12 and a few younger ones from 6-9. There’s maybe 12 kids and three adults looking after them, including myself. During this part of the dream a few things happen and we decide to take the kids out to eat. They’re not any of our kids- more like orphans. And there was a moment in the dream where we try to hitch a ride and one of our kids and guardian get left behind. I shout at the guy driving. I was in a real panic and I tried to get them on board, but the guy wouldn’t stop and I couldn’t leave the rest of the kids. We were headed towards In N Out, but we end up somewhere else, actually. It’s a small restaurant. I’m not sure if the other details are important, but here it is.

My aunts and sisters appear at the restaurant suddenly after I went after the guardian and the other child. When we went in, that’s when I was surprised to see the environment. The two sat at the opposite side of a glass wall where on the other side, the rest were at. I tell both sides to move- trying to negotiate. The child starts to cry because he was left behind and I explain to him that it was all a misunderstanding. There was something so real about that moment. In the end everyone moves to a completely different table that fit everyone perfectly. All through out this time, I was the mediator.

I’m not sure when the dream ends, but I wake up afterwards.

I think, in this dream, a lot of the meanings are quite clear. There’s a lot of being left behind and purity and the sense of being lost, trying to find my way. And it connects a lot with how I feel about my life at the moment, so I won’t be breaking this one down.

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PicMonkey Collage

I had this strange dream of being in that similar school I’ve always been except this time I was in the art department. It was strange because it felt like was in my current school now. People that I’ve seen or walked by before seemed to be there.

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a cycle of dreams


It’s unfortunate that this time around I have vivid dreams, but time is easily eating it away. So, I will rush to recollect it.

Dreamt of cuddling to a ghost and not knowing that it was

Felt comfortable and loved

In another dream, Vhanessa is off to get married

Everyone is there waiting, both the families of the groom and bride.

Us- the Andrews Family is on one table together with the bride and groom

From left to right

Bride-groom    three people     papa-“you”      me-Kamille/Mom-Niall

The groom doesn’t arrive and the guests all leave Read the rest of this entry »

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